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A Greener Future – ROCHELLE BYRNE


A Greener Future works hand-in-hand with local communities to promote environmental preservation through organized litter cleanups, educational programs, and events. Their expanding family of volunteers are committed to creating a clean, healthy environment that can be sustained for generations.

A Greener Future’s main programs include Love Your Lake – a series of 100 litter cleanups along the shores of Lake Ontario – and the Butt Blitz– a Canada-wide cigarette litter cleanup campaign.

In total, the A Greener Future team and volunteers have picked up more than 2.6 million pieces of litter from the environment since 2014.

A Greener Future is currently looking for volunteers across Canada to participate in their upcoming Fall Butt BlitzLearn more and get involved by clicking the button below!

Micro Plastics

Micro Plastics

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Home Sustainability – 2021 Resolutions

Home Sustainability – 2021 Resolutions

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