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Echo CleanUp – Wayne Mouland


Echo Cleanup led by founder Wayne Mouland has been organizing public litter cleanups for 3 years now. Echo CleanUp was born from the practices of EchoMovement with a focus on cleaning our surroundings as well as ourselves through meditation.

Wayne can be found leading the community cleanups and holds himself to pick up a minimum of two bags every cleanup! He inspires not only the Volunteers that sign up and join in but also the community in the beaches, parks and communities around the area to grab his provided tools and join in the clean up.

Wayne strives for a Litter FREE community!

Single Use plastics are one of, if not the most common item that is consistently found in every cleanup. Plastic water bottles, cups, wrappers, straws, lids and so much more are littering these beautiful places.

Wayne and the Echo CleanUp project is a perfect Community for our Plastic Free July as we know that if we can reduce plastic waste then there will be much less waste invading our space!

We encourage you to learn more about Echo CleanUp and their affiliate Charities with a special shout out to Feeditforward focused on reducing Food waste and helping everyone in the Toronto area to find food.

Visit www.echocleanup.com to help create awareness and fall in love with the process of putting waste in its place and working together for a litter-free community.

If you’re looking for some community hours this summer we encourage you to Volunteer with Echo CleanUp or donate to keep them running! Thank you for everything you do Wayne, we appreciate you – COMMUNITY HERO SHOUTOUT.

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