WaxWrap | waxed cotton food roll - increase freshness, reduce waste

WaxWrap : the New Way to Preserve your Food

Reusable, eco-friendly and biodegradable, WaxWrap is a perfect response to the current need of plastic waste control and environmental compliance. It's also a healthier way to preserve your food.

Build a Better World, #FreeFromPlastic.

-3150 before Jesus christ, Wax Wrap was already used by Ancient Egyptian. They recognized the value of beeswax in mummification, used it for the embalming process & preserving food.

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Let your Food Breath

WaxWrap Food Wraps are used to contain any food : sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, snacks, cheese & salad.

Fruits & Vegatables

WaxWrap can contain all your Vegetables & Fruits, in special Bags or sized Wraps.

We are better than plastic.

1 meter of WaxWrap is equivalent of 200 meters of plastic.

100% natural

WaxWrap is 100% natural, washable & biodegradable.

What makes WaxWrap different?

WaxWrap is an unique way to preserve your food, to save the nature, money & time !

1 = 200
Long Life

WaxWrap is Reusable : you can wash it and reuse it more than 200 times. 1 meter of WaxWrap is like 200 meters of plastic !

100% Natural

WaxWrap is 100% Natural, WaxWrap is made by infusing pieces of cotton with a mixture of beeswax, pine rosin and jojoba oil

Best Choice
Save your Money

WaxWrap preserve food better than plastic, it let food breathes. WaxWrap is reusable & can be used with all kind of food.

Healthier way to preserve Food

WaxWrap is inspired by Nature, it's the natural way to preserve your Food.

End Life
Use it as Fire Starter

Once WaxWrap is dead, you can cut it & use it like fire starter :)

Very easy to use

WaxWrap is made to be used easily : you can use Bags format, Wrap format or cutted Roll format.

Let Food Breathe

WaxWrap can preserve Food longer than plastic : the secret ? It let food breathe while continuing to protect it.

WaxWrap has been used for millennia by our ancestors & grandparents! Plastic has replaced it for 50 years to achieve a real natural disaster! #FreeFromPlastic

WaxWrap, test it & you'll love it!

WaxWrap replaces plastic and save the planet from tons of pollution! — 1 Meter of WaxWrap = 200 meters of Plastic Share This Video↗

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Build your Future now.

WaxWrap is a new Standard, that exists since 3000 years !

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