Bayu Waxwrap Bags


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Earth-friendly fabric and beeswax bags with a sealing tab. Naturally preserve your food fresher, longer while reducing plastic use and food waste.

Making the switch has never been easier with these natural and reusable beeswax and cotton bags. From produce to breads, pick the healthy choice for your family and assign them their very own WaxWrap lunch bag!

Each package contains 3 Bags in various color combinations to suit any kitchen and contain all your fresh food!!

Colors may vary

Size Chart

Each package contains three sizes

1 x small 8”x 12”, 1 x medium 10” x 12” and 1 x large 12.5” x 12”.

Key Product Features

What You Need: Whether you’re a veteran of a healthy nutrition based on meal prep,
you enjoy the occasional office snack or you want to make sure your kids have their
sandwiches on school trips, the BAYU WaxWrap bees wax wrap is the perfect choice!

Natural and Reusable: These beeswax wraps are made with premium quality,
highly durable organic cotton, natural beeswax, tree resin and oils, being easy to wash,
non-tear and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Conveniently Sized: Unlike similar products on the market, these reusable food
bags come in assorted sizes, ideal for a wide variety of needs. You’ll receive 1 x small 1 x small 8”x 12”, 1 x medium 10” x 12” and 1 x large 12.5” x 12”.

Plastic-Free and Food Grade: Say NO to classic plastic bags and wraps and actively
contribute to making the planet a safer place with the Bayu WaxWrap bees wrap
reusable food wrap baggies, an eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative which keeps
your food fresh for longer without interfering with its taste!

Wide Applications: The WaxWrap bees wrap bags are an excellent idea for safely
storing your food leftovers, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese, being perfect for meal
prep, office lunches, travelling, car rides, camping and more!


All our waxwraps are made with organic ingredients in a sustainable manufacturing process. The ingredients in our waxwraps includes: beeswax, jojoba oil, resin and cotton

How To Use

WaxWrap Bags can be used over and over. Simply open the sealed tab, place your food inside, and reseal the tab by squeezing lightly across the length of the opening. Safe to refrigerate. Once finished with the WaxWrap Bag  wash with cool or cold water to get any food remains off. Hang dry on a rack or over other dishes. Reuse for hundreds of times. Once wax is no longer functioning as it should WaxWrap is safe to compost or use as a fire starter! Happy WaxWrap-ping!